"Challenging. Affecting. Raises big questions... Fascinating work in progress, Intriguing… Director Dori Salois ( also as a lethally nice health care worker) establishes the ambience that slowly strangles one family’s hope."-- Anne Marie Welsh, S.D. Union-Tribune

"Death by Survival is a startling and poignant tale. The entire cast complement’s Ruiz’s heartfelt story and Dori Salois’s expert direction makes it work on The Centro Cultural de la Raza stage."-- Diana Sanger, The Gazette

"Small Theatre makes a big noise with new show. La Jollan Dori Salois chillingly portrays a government health care worker and also stages an acting company of 14 actors in multiple roles in a series of short scenes that sweep forth and back from the forced abduction of Argentine youth to a futuristic New York… with Vantage Theatre’s world premiere Death by Survival written by Elizabeth Ruiz."
-- Charlene Baldridge, La Jolla Village News